What we consume, consumes us.

After you wrap your head around that one, take a look at what we’ve been up to.


Why Is Content Still King?

When it comes to telling compelling stories that resonate across different channels, content marketing remains king. Whether it’s regular blog posts, interactive infographics, or visuals shared on social media, content is the best way to connect and engage with your customers.

Here are just a few great reasons why content marketing continues to be one of the most effective tools in a business’s toolkit:

  1. Thought Leadership: Content can help you position your brand as a thought leader in your industry, no matter the size of your business. Effective content marketing allows you to showcase your brand’s expertise and dominate your niche or market.
  1. Customer Loyalty: Producing quality content is a great way for businesses to foster customer loyalty and retention. Custom content builds trust and value, and will help you generate repeat purchases and achieve higher quality leads.
  1. SEO: Content is one of the most important Google ranking factors, which is why producing content regularly is so crucial for building up SEO. Informative and engaging content can increase the average time spent on your website, which greatly effects your SEO performance as well.

For the full list of reasons why content is still king, and will likely remain so for several years, check out this infographic from Social Media Today: Here Are 7 Reasons Why Content is Still King in 2017.

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