Work: Hebrew SeniorLife

To many prospects and healthcare professionals, Hebrew SeniorLife was known simply as a provider of rehab and long-term care for seniors. In reality, however, they are on the leading edge of transforming the aging experience in America. To overcome this branding gap, we created an integrated digital and media strategy—based on extensive research—that centered on a word as unique and broad as the organization itself: ReAge.

Hebrew SeniorLife

Spreading the Word

ReAge, a combination of “redefining” and “aging,” demonstrates Hebrew SeniorLife’s commitment to aging. We kicked off the campaign with a Boston Globe insert that explained this commitment. Direct mail connected with key donors, while outdoor advertising in areas of Boston with a high concentration of healthcare centers targeted the professional audience.

A Digital Hub

We designed the campaign to have a large digital presence. All print and online advertising links to a ReAge-themed microsite that includes videos from HSL leaders and links to other assets. The ReAge blog is an up-to-date repository of all HSL news and opinion that drives leads to the main website. Visitors to either site see remarketing banner ads to keep HSL top of mind.

We also completely revamped their AdWords campaign, creating new landing pages and text/banner ads that drive more leads and improve ROI.

The result? The campaign changed the perception of Hebrew SeniorLife from a local provider into a nationally recognized organization that is setting the standard for senior care.