case study

Marketing performance that drives network performance.



As a provider of network performance monitoring (NPM) solutions, AppNeta delivers insights to IT in real time, showing them how fast and efficient their network is from the end-user perspective. But with fairly new technology, AppNeta’s challenge was twofold: educate the audience on NPM while also becoming a well-known vendor in this space.

Moving the Brand Beyond the Competition

To start, we explored everything about AppNeta: audience insights, competitor messaging, key differentiators and more. Because AppNeta’s main differentiator is that their solutions monitor performance beyond HQ’s firewalls—across remote offices and across the internet—the messaging became clear. AppNeta is all about seeing beyond.

We first refreshed their website, with new visuals reinforcing both the brand and the new message. And by utilizing the hexagonal shapes from their logo along with a video that continually moved “beyond,” AppNeta’s brand identity came to life.


Actionable Account Intelligence

With the website and marketing materials finalized, a comprehensive go-to-market strategy was next on the list. Accounts were monitored based on their consumption activities to identify those with spikes in interest in one of the “thematic campaigns,” coupled with an interest in network management.

Accounts were ranked and contacts were identified with complete business intelligence data, including contact information, topics of interest, vendors being considered and current installs.




Thematic Campaign Development

Thematic campaigns were developed based on entry points to sales and specific moments in time around which to create a sense of urgency for AppNeta’s target markets.


“Each month since we launched this new strategy, we’ve seen a 50% increase in MQLs month-over-month, every month.”

– Amanda Bohne
Vice President of Marketing, AppNeta


IP-based Thematic Display

Based on surging behavior, we served relevant display ads to the IP addresses surging around five of our specific campaign themes.

The goal was to warm accounts as they entered relevant email nurture campaigns.


Direct Mail Digital Engagement

The direct mailer drove recipients to a landing page to submit their answers and sign up for a 15-minute call.

We also targeted the specific accounts that received the mailer with display ads, tying into the campaign creative to reinforce the mailer and offer.

Targeted banner ads were sent to selected companies receiving the mailer.