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Branding that doesn’t compromise.



Autocall is a relaunch of an older brand, offering a completely new line of fire detection and notification products. Our challenge was to relaunch the brand as a virtually new entity to help them quickly gain recognition, momentum and acceptance among a discerning audience of engineers, architects, contractors, facility managers and building owners.

Securing Our Voice

When launching a product, our first step is to fully understand the differentiators and value props, which then translate to our messaging and positioning. With Autocall being a new product, it was up to us to develop that voice ourselves. Based on client input, competitive research and an understanding of who the audience is and what their needs and pain points are, Autocall’s brand was born, centered around the idea that the products “Never Compromise.”




Driving a Powerful Go-to-Market Strategy

Our comprehensive go-to-market plan included digital elements—paid search, paid and organic social, display ads and email—and traditional print.

Plus, one custom food truck.

A working food truck drove to various locations largely concentrated with our target audience. And while demonstrating the benefits of Autocall technology, our target architects, engineers and contractors were served delicious lunches. This in-person experience encouraged face-to-face interaction in our key markets.