DTEX Systems Brand Campaign

The Difference Is Human

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The Challenge

DTEX Systems found itself at the unique crossroad to solve cybersecurity and employee engagement issues without compromising privacy. It’s a headful for sure, but a real problem as more and more hybrid remote work structures sacrifice employee privacy in favor of cybersecurity. DTEX, as a global leader, saw an opportunity to spark a valuable industry-wide conversation – by getting out in front of it.

Our Approach

See employees as the greatest source of intelligence, not a liability.

The Solution

DTEX positions the employee – and the wealth of behavioral data they provide – as the solution to countless challenges plaguing organizations today. By putting people front and center in a global campaign and focusing on building awareness among customers, investors, employees, and the greater cybersecurity community, we were able to prove that the difference is human. That people are your greatest asset. And that an emotional connection that is often missing in the cybersecurity space is the sleeping giant that we need most.


The Results


YOY traffic increase



Industry benchmark CTR
for display advertising


125 sec

Average time spent
on campaign page