case study


Imprivata OneSign allows healthcare workers to instantly access Epic electronic medical record systems (EMR) with a swipe of a badge, giving them more time to focus on patient care. Through an integrated digital and media strategy, we communicated this time-saving benefit to healthcare facilities in a big way.

8-bit brilliance

After the success of the hourglass piece, Imprivata turned to CommCreative to create another breakthrough direct mail piece, this time targeting IT professionals at hospitals. Our solution was to develop a piece that reminded the audience of classic 8-bit video games. A distinctive, triangular-shaped box held three t-shirts, each of which included a graphic reference to a classic video game while driving home the value props of OneSign. The entire piece was adorned with an 8-bit character (a physician holding a swipe card) we created to personify use of Imprivata OneSign.

A distinctive timepiece

We created an attention-grabbing dimensional mailer that included a 35-second magnetic hourglass timer. More than just a great conversation piece, the hourglass demonstrated how much time OneSign can save healthcare providers. The package also included a customized insert label addressed to each prospect, with a call to action driving them to a landing page.

Timely digital components

The landing page featured both video and printable case studies and a short reply form.

To ensure that the hourglass mailing would have maximum impact, we sent a teaser email announcing its arrival, and a follow-up email with a case study about another Imprivata customer. The campaign also extended to web ads that were targeted by IP address to prospects at leading healthcare facilities.