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RSA Conference is the world’s leading cybersecurity event, drawing more than 50,000 info security professionals to its US Conference and others held around the world. Each year, we create a new theme that reflects today’s realities and tomorrow’s trends. The theme and visuals we create are reflected everywhere, from environmental graphics to promotions surrounding the event. We also develop and execute a comprehensive digital go-to-market strategy. Additionally, CommCreative positions RSA Conference as a valued resource 365 days a year by promoting content through digital and social media channels.

2020 Conference: A Great Theme Matters

The theme we developed for 2020 was “Human Element,” which centers around the idea that with all the new technologies, strategies and artificial intelligence being employed today, one thing remains constant: us. We are the Human Element within cybersecurity.




Broadband Promotion

Each year, we have succeeded in improving attendance to RSA Conference events in San Francisco and Singapore. Our multipronged strategy includes:

  • A months-long series of pre- and post-registration emails designed to engage the audience and excite them about Conference speakers and events
  • Extensive digital initiatives—banner ads, sponsored emails, Google AdWords and more—including arranging barter agreements with leading industry associations and publications

  • Using social channels to connect with cybersecurity professionals and raise the profile of RSAC as a hub of cybersecurity information
  • Branding and promoting onsite events and activities to elevate the Conference experience and encourage repeat attendance





Reaching Across Borders

All the strategy, data and learnings we gather for the US Conference are applied and adapted to promote international events. We partner with a local team to help ensure our message speaks to each region’s unique cybersecurity needs in the media channels in which they spend the most time.

Track Stars

The measurement and reporting we do year-round are critical to the success of RSA Conference. We track every click, every page view and every download, and then deliver reports on a regular basis. We use the data to constantly refine and improve our strategy and message so we can continue to deliver exceptional results.


Track effectiveness of digital campaigns

Learn which campaign, channels and sources were the most effective

A/B test tracking

Geo-location insights

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