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CommCreative Wins Seven Hermes Creative Awards 2020

The Hermes Creative Awards honors outstanding achievements in the communication, advertising, and marketing professions. With more than 200 different categories, the Hermes Creative Awards has become a leading competition for professionals involved in the conceptual, writing, and design phases of digital and print marketing mediums and platforms. 

CommCreative was recognized for the following client work: 

Johnson Controls C-Cure Video (Platinum) 

With the growing active shooter epidemic, Johnson Controls wanted to respond by doubling down on their efforts to communicate their offerings of a comprehensive active shooter detection and communication solution. To do so, we developed a video that expressed the superior performance of the Johnson Controls active shooter solution, which positioned Johnson Controls as the expert and leader in the category. 

Inspīr Integrated Brand Campaign (Platinum) 

You don’t have to be an expert in the world of senior living to know that our aging population is underserved. But it helps. Especially when your long-standing client wants to launch a bold new idea: senior living, on the highest level. And that’s how Inspīr was born. From naming the venture, to meeting with the architects to infuse the experience of the building into the brand, we did it all. Qualified leads walk away with a coffee-table book, made up of high-end branding assets that they’ll remember, to share with friends and family to foster discussion. We helped to build Inspīr from the ground up. 

Flooring America TV Spots (Gold) 

The flooring category is as cluttered as a kid’s playroom. As a consumer, how do you choose? The deals all seem pretty much the same. Maybe you pick the brand whose jingle annoys you the least? Probably not. What you do is ask your friends. Friends who have been there and bought that. You trust your friends to give you the real deal. And that’s the inspiration for our new Flooring America campaign TV spots.

CommCreative also received a Platinum Hermes Creative Award for its print media work for Timber Trading Group, and an Honorable Mention for its work on Inspīr’s Memory Care campaign.

CommCreative is extremely proud of the work it has developed for its clients. Being recognized by the Hermes Creative Awards is a testament to the prowess of the CommCreative teams.

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