Revenue Generation

Singing a story of sales

We bolster your sales team’s pipeline by being expert storytellers. Each piece of collateral is crafted to help sales tell the right stories and close more deals faster.

One goal, one team

We’re breaking down the silos between marketing and sales. We know the data is tied closely together, and we think the teams should be, too. By sharing knowledge between sales and marketing, we can align strategies and ABM processes to win more business together.

The power of intent

Intent tools are great if you know how to use them. Thankfully, we do. We develop intent monitoring and segmentation strategies to power GTM programs and yield truly actionable data and intel for both sales and marketing teams.

Strategy pros by day, sales consultants also by day

We support the trend of moving SDR teams under the marketing function because it just makes sense. By using the best intent and sales intelligence tools, we can help SDRs prospect more effectively. Providing them with adaptable scripts and cadences to break through the noise helps them achieve more success.

case study

Closing the (marketing) breach.



Onapsis is the leading provider of solutions that help enterprises protect their business-critical applications such as SAP®. Their challenge is a common one: delivering the right message to the right audience at the right time. However, the solution wasn’t so simple, since there are multiple audiences (IT, cybersecurity, SAP teams) that don’t always communicate with each other, and multiple points in time for which the audience would be receptive to Onapsis’s solutions.



Unifying the Message

Our solution started with messaging that resonated with a wide audience (protecting core applications) while broadening the message to raise awareness of how important Onapsis is, not just to IT teams, but to the enterprise as a whole.

We completely overhauled the website, creating a fresh visual vocabulary that spoke to the global nature of Onapsis’s solutions and avoided cybersecurity clichés. Content was organized by solutions, which mapped to various moments in time that enterprises experience that can impact the security of their SAP applications: moving to the cloud, upgrading to S/4HANA®, applying patches and updates, and more.


Smarter Lead Targeting, More Sales

With sales teams on the front lines, we know how important it is to partner closely with not only marketing teams but sales to drive pipeline and revenue.

We sourced, recommended, implemented and managed a key intelligence tool that helped us identify when an Onapsis target account showed behaviors signifying consideration or purchase intent. We then provided each sales rep with these insights on a weekly basis.

When we see accounts surging, we gather the intelligence, package it and provide scripts based on plays for how to best approach accounts given their behaviors in market. For example, if we observed a target account searching for information on upgrading to SAP S/4HANA, we alerted the sales team and armed them with emails and phone scripts we developed to help jump-start the conversation. This enabled sales reps to act at the right time with the right message and get in the door with prospects that otherwise wouldn’t have given them the opportunity.

We also provided insights on which competitors the target accounts were using to support a displacement campaign, searched for keywords and language the prospect might be using to source a solution, and provided reports to Onapsis on target account initiatives that might indicate a stronger need for their solutions.







Increase in
total website


Net new names from
target accounts added
to database


Increase in
visitors to website


Increase in monthly
searches for
“Onapsis” in Google


Increase in named
accounts who have
engaged with Onapsis

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