HealthEdge Visual Identity Rebrand

Unifying the HealthEdge story

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The Challenge

Growth through acquisition has been a profitable business strategy for HealthEdge, a developer of digital solutions for health plans. However, after several acquisitions in rapid succession, HealthEdge’s big vision was becoming blurred in the eyes of customers and prospects. The progressive-minded team at HealthEdge asked us to refresh their identity and elevate their platform to communicate their mission of transforming health plans from traditional organizations limited by siloed, manual solutions into transparent, modern digital payers.

The Solution

It was important for our messaging and visual identity to communicate HealthEdge’s position of being not just visionary and disruptive but a reliable industry leader that enables health plans to focus on people. We brought to life a brand story centered around the idea of enabling a connective transformation, then paired that story with a visual language that is strong, distinct, modern, and sophisticated.

Our Approach

The new logo leverages an exponent that we refer to as “The Edge.” It’s suggestive of their evolving line of products and services and their mission to always push the healthcare industry forward. As we’ve been expanding their story and visuals, the one constant that excites us all is HealthEdge’s desire to lead an industry that has been desperate for a voice. Our approach complements that notion in a way that’s visually impactful without being overpowering.