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Putting a charge into AFC Cable’s new product launch



Atkore™ AFC Cable Systems, a leading manufacturer of electric cables, had developed an innovative new cable, MC Glide™, which makes it much easier for electrical contractors to pull it through metal studs.

They needed a comprehensive campaign to convince these contractors, who are typically resistant to change, that MC Glide would help them finish jobs faster and make them more efficient.



Gliding through life

After a deep immersion session with the client, we arrived at the main attribute of MC Glide: its unique profile and flexibility help make the job easier and faster for electrical contractors. Once we arrived at that core truth—that this innovative new cable will help you glide through your next job—we began developing the building blocks that would tell a compelling story to the audience.

Winding our way through the launch

The campaign’s visuals centered around having digital renderings of the cable weave their way in and through simple, bold and impactful headlines. The visuals showed off MC Glide’s flexibility and acted as a visual metaphor for how the cable can be easily pulled through tight spaces. A short video added movement to this idea while quickly explaining the cable’s advantages. A multimedia campaign, including digital, social and POP, spread the word quickly.




A smooth operation

The unique branding, distinctive visuals and multifaceted marketing approach contributed to one of the most successful product launches Atkore had ever seen. Not bad, considering the company has been launching products since Calvin Coolidge was president.