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A spokesdog with a new POV



With demand for home improvement supplies recently skyrocketing, Carpet One Floor and Home® found itself in heavy competition with big-box stores. How could this flooring cooperative utilize new and existing creative elements with little to no equity to set its brand apart?

By giving its talking St. Bernard spokesdog a new perspective. In between napping, rolling around and lapping up water in his Zen space, the Carpet One spokesdog is now dishing out expert advice on flooring as he spends most of his time down there.

Broadcast and digital video clearly communicated why this spokesdog is an expert on floors. 

Claws + Paws


Worry-Free Waterproof


Don’t Stress the Mess


Comfy Cozy Carpet


 In-store point of purchase assets allowed us to focus on the offer in that moment while also creating a connection to the larger story. 

Social became the perfect place to highlight the wide range of products in more detail, bringing the showroom to their feed.

Further investment in the existing talking spokesdog inspired the creation of new branded elements, engaging with members in a whole new way.