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Showing the enterprises of today how to protect their Enterprise of Things



Our mission with Forescout was twofold. First, we had to educate their audience on all the devices that could be connected to their network and how they posed significant threats. These threats even included an Ocean’s 11-style casino heist involving a WiFi-enabled fish tank. Second, we had to inform their audience that there is a product that can help identify, monitor and protect the Enterprise of Things.

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Return-to-Office Video

Most organizations would think they’d be more secure with employees returning to their offices, but with all those corporate devices running on personal networks, they were more vulnerable than ever. We partnered with Forescout to create a thought leadership video to drive awareness about these new vulnerabilities and offer tips to combat them.


Getting a good message where it needs to go

After auditing all existing channels, we restructured, added and recommended channels to their media strategy, empowering them to speak directly to the buyers in organizations they are targeting. We enabled intent and marketing play testing at scale, allowing us to test in market, optimize and target specific verticals with personalized messaging. As strategic support and executional drivers, we were able to greatly improve performance results.

In the first 6 months, new users were up


year over year

MQLs saw a



PPC conversions grew


year over year