St. Mary’s Credit Union (SMCU)

SMCU Brand Campaign

Bank next door

Brand Language Messaging Visual Identity Advertising Media

The Challenge

Competition for banking customers is fierce, and SMCU has struggled to set itself apart. We were tasked with improving the level of consideration among customers and businesses seeking banking products and services in the communities it serves.

Our Approach

Set SMCU apart by positioning it as a local option that’s like a bank, but better thanks to their not-for-profit principles and genuine community involvement.

First, create a system. The design language is created with intention to bring the SMCU communities to life. Different elements of these abstract geometric shapes represent local landmarks from the areas where SMCU has a presence. As in these neighborhoods, a variety of shapes, colors, and styles act as the connective tissue that brings it all together.



Clock Tower

Core System

When Brought Together

The Solution

Since opening its doors in 1913, SMCU has been helping its neighbors succeed. By showcasing its strong local ties and commitment to reinvesting profits into customers and communities, we were able to show that SMCU is a friendly, human alternative to big banks that see customers as numbers and always put their bottom line first.

The Results


YoY increase in
homepage views


increase in new
visitor sessions


YoY increase in "SMCU"
search impressions