t1d exchange

case study


T1D Exchange is dedicated to solving the challenges of type 1 diabetes. Among these challenges is creating awareness that this disease is by no means solved. People are living with it, but they need to be living better.

To create both awareness and actual answers for diabetes patients, T1D Exchange pioneered the Diabetes Innovation Challenge. It’s like a Shark Tank® for type 1 diabetes solutions—where innovators from around the world can submit their ideas and help make better outcomes possible.

A Worldwide Effort

The key insight to this campaign is that diabetes will never be solved by one person. Or even one company. It takes a village. Of doctors, scientists, innovators and patients. A village that spans the globe.

So our messaging hit that point straight on. With simple, iconic visuals and insight-driven copy.



Media served 1.7 million impressions and generated over 3,500 clicks, which is a thousand plus more than projected. Click-through rates were well above average across the board, especially email, which performed at four to five times industry averages.



During the promotion, AdWords generated a total of 4,183 clicks, 2,064,685 impressions, a search click-through rate of 3.39 percent (above the industry average of 1.2 percent) and a display click-through rate of 0.14 percent (above the industry average of 0.1 percent). Display campaigns generated 63 percent of the total traffic during the campaign’s run, with a cost per click at almost a quarter of what the regular search campaigns had.



Facebook generated 5,202 link clicks at a unique click-through rate of 3.15 percent. The average paid click-through rate is 0.90 percent. On LinkedIn, our audience targeted by skills and education had the highest percentage of clicks from those in healthcare, while the highest engagers from the company list targeting came from higher education. Both campaigns exceeded the channel average click-through rate of 0.35 percent.